Stories from Magnolia Tree Midwifery families!


Midwifery Client

Sarah and Anders
Sarah and Anders

Elizabeth was one of the midwives who attended our home birth, and she also provided prenatal and postnatal care for us. Throughout the entire experience, she was wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and she easily answered all of our questions throughout the pregnancy without judgement. The few times she didn't know something, she quickly found us an answer. Elizabeth always made us feel comfortable in our prenatal appointments, and that also carried over into our birth. Throughout the labor and delivery, Elizabeth acted both as a midwife and a doula, comforting me and helping me through the entire experience. She was a calming presence who helped make our home birth one of the most amazing experiences we've ever had. Elizabeth exhibited her supreme knowledge and caring bedside manner in our postnatal checkups as well. We are so lucky to have had Elizabeth as one of our midwives, and now we're also lucky to call her a friend. —Sarah


Midwifery Client

Due to unexpected and quick changes at the birth center, Elizabeth didn't become a part of my birth team until one week before I had my daughter. In the two visits she was part of prior to my daughter's birth, she quickly earned my respect and trust. I found her easy to talk to and helpful in getting me in touch with the right lactation consultant due to previous problems with breastfeeding my son. Later she would help me accept my breastfeeding issues by pointing out the positives.

She was quick to arrive when I went into labor December 12, 2013 and was so wonderful helping with massage, getting things I may need such as food and water, and knowing when I just needed a moment to myself. She helped make this experience exactly what I wanted it to be and I couldn't be any more thankful. I'm glad she became a part of my birth team. —Megan


Birth Doula Client

After only one meeting with Elizabeth Schroeder, my husband and I were confident that she would be a perfect addition to our birth.  Our instincts proved right, and during our 18 hour labor, she calmly guided my husband in his first ever birth-partner experience and patiently worked through different pain relief techniques with me.

Our baby had some minor complications during his arrival and we were so grateful to have Elizabeth's knowledge and grace helping us make decisions.  We benefitted from her education and wisdom and because of her, our son was able to experience the wonders of the breast crawl, which was the beginning of a wonderful three year breastfeeding relationship.

Elizabeth was open to new ideas, and was our voice when the hospital staff wanted things rushed or when their plan for us varied from our vision.  We appreciated her constant communication during our pregnancy.  She gently guided us towards resources and education that ended up helping not only our labor, but also our parenting.  She opened the doors to peaceful and attachment parenting, and for that, we are ever grateful.