Holistic Care and Herbs

Holistic Care and Herbs
Drying Herbs

Nettles for allergies. Skullcap for sleep.

“Good People, most royal greening verdancy, rooted in the sun, you shine with radiant light.”

-- Hildegard of Bingen, 12th century mystic and herbalist

Nettles for allergies. Mullein for asthma. Skullcap for sleep problems. Before there were pharmaceutical drugs, there were herbs. Our ancestors had herbal knowledge which varied from region to region, but they all knew how to use what was local to them. Chinese medicine, Native American remedies, and medieval knowledge all included herbs. Philosophies of herbs change between place and time, but the constant is that plants can help us heal. 

I studied herbal medicine in order to help pre-pregnant, pregnant, birthing, and postpartum women have an alternative for healing. Many drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy, but a lot of herbal remedies remain safe to use. I can help you navigate through what is safe and what is effective.

Note: I provide herbal remedies as a part of my regular midwifery care, not as a stand-alone.

Nature provides us with many remedies that provide relief from common health problems, many without the toxicity of pharmaceutical drugs. However, some herbal remedies are toxic, or can interact with specific medical issues. 

Disclaimer: If you are on pharmaceutical drugs or have known medical issues, please check with a knowledgeable herbalist before taking herbal remedies.