• Whole Again by Amanda Greaves

    The strength and softness of water.

    Water birth is growing in popularity for good reason. It provides excellent pain relief and relaxes a laboring mom like nothing else. It is safe, effective, and all-natural.
  • Thumb Sucker by Lei

    Optimizing fertility and mama/baby health in the childbearing year.

    Midwives often opine that they wish that they could have talked with their clients before they got pregnant. There are specific things we can discuss with you to optimize your chances of getting pregnant, as well as helping to ensure the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible.

  • Skin to Skin with Dad by Lei

    Birth in the comfort of your own home.

    All-inclusive care for the childbearing year, in the comfort of your own home! Your people, your food, your space. When you have a home birth, your providers come to you. Your home is where you are most comfortable and we create safe and sacred space for birth to happen in that place.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Midwifery Care for Every Body

    It is very important that everyone get the health care that they need. I highly value meeting every person’s needs where they are. I have personal and professional experience with LGBTQ concerns and will respect you and your decisions as a birthing parent and help guide you when direction is needed. It is my hope that all LGBTQ people will have the caring and nurturing care that they need from their healthcare providers.

  • Born at Home by Lei

    A knowledgeable witness and support to the birthing mother.

    Perhaps home birth is not for you, but you want to have the same type of caring support in hospital. Or perhaps you know you will want more support than you can expect from just your midwife at home. A doula is present with you during your birth as a knowledgeable witness and support to the birthing mother.

  • Jane McCrae Photography

    Your placenta, your medicine.

    Your placenta is a wealth of nutrients that is uniquely created for your and your baby! Potential benefits of placenta medicine include treatment for anemia, breastfeeding support, and prevention of postpartum depression.

  • Drying Herbs

    Nettles for allergies. Skullcap for sleep.

    Nettles for allergies.  Mullein for asthma.  Skullcap for sleep problems.  Before there were pharmaceutical drugs, there were herbs.  Our ancestors had herbal knowledge which varied from region to region, but they all knew how to use what was local to them.

  • Postpartum Tea Bath by Leilani Rogers

    Sharing in the work of your growing family

    Receive personal assistance and attention in your home after your baby is born.  New families often do not realize in advance the physical and emotional demands of having a brand new baby.  I can help ease your way into new parenthood.  Postpartum doula services can include a wide range of assistance: I can fix you a meal, fold laundry, take the baby while you sleep or shower, talk you through your emotions.  It’s an important time in your and your baby’s lives; make sure you have the support you need.

  • Midwifery Bag

    Home cooked meals so you don't have to.

    Many communities will rally around a new family and cook for them after the birth of a baby. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have this, or if a far-away loved one wishes to give you this gift, we are here to help! I will prepare one or more meals for you right in your home.