Elizabeth Schroeder, CPM, LDM, BSM

Elizabeth Schroeder, CPM, LDM
Photo by James Newman

I was born in Salem, OR, and raised in central California among fruit trees and mountains in a small farm town. Before returning to Oregon, I lived in San Diego, Boston, and San Francisco, with a three-year stint in the foothills near where I grew up. After traveling to this beautiful city a few years prior, my family and I have been happy to call Portland home since 2005. I now live with my wife Maria in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland.

I have two young adult children. The birth of my oldest—quick, dynamic, amazing, and empowering—made me want more birth in my life. The birth of my youngest at home—where I truly made the choices—made me realize what form that would take: I wanted to be a homebirth midwife. It took me a while to realize this dream, but here I am today doing what I love, working with birthing women! While studying midwifery at Birthingway College of Midwifery, I discovered other loves: herbal medicine and gynecology, and refined my existing interest in breastfeeding by focusing on its history and politics and learning techniques for resolving lactation concerns. I am so looking forward to meeting you—the woman in her childbearing year, your partner and family, and developing a well-woman/well-person care relationship.